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About Soomfon

Born in 2018, SOOMFON is a technology brand that focuses on providing users with high-quality, high-performance audio and video products. The brand aims to enable users to explore the joy of life with innovative technology products, and to realize the connection between users and creative life.

Create Life

Music, movies, games and digital entertainment, products inspired by great ideas,
It is bringing a unique experience to people's beautiful life. The meaning of SOOMFON's existence,
It is to let these wonderful ideas give users the best experience value, and use technology to make creativity and create a better life.

Connected Experience

SOOMFON believes that through deep cultivation of technology, creative audio and video products can enter every scene and corner of users' lives with extraordinary quality, and convey them to users' senses to realize the rich feelings they should bring to users. Let the most realistic and smooth experience be the source of great inspiration.

Future Life

We create difference, so we design products around extreme utility and convenience, so that users can unlock the fun without the hassle.
We explore fun, so we start from the user's point of view and feel the actual needs of users in each scenario,
Let users connect with the joy of life through products.
We pursue the ultimate, so Soomfon has strict requirements on the brand itself. Committed to exploring cutting-edge technologies and developing products to control product quality.
All work, Soomfon is based on the user's point of view, around life scenarios, to create trustworthy technology products,
It truly empowers users' lives.