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Bluetooth Adapter

  • How can i install the driver if My PC Can't use thus CD ?

    You can please download the driver from soomfon official website. it is for free. Website:
  • What operating systems are compatible with this bluetooth adapter ?

    This bluetooth adapter 5.0 supported operating systems include Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Linux.
    Driver Download Website:

  • Why it is failed to work when i plug the dongle in windows 10 operating system ?

    This bluetooth adapter 5.0 supported Windows 10 operating system.
    It's needed to install the driver when plugging in the windows 10 system.

    Driver Download Website:

  • Can i plug this Bluetooth USB adapter in a car USB port to play music via bluetooth ?

    No, you can't. The car USB port is not able to download the driver.
  • Is this backward compatable or does it only work with 5.0 ?

    It is backwards compatible with BT4.2, BT4.0, BT3.0, BT2.1, BT 2.0, BT1.1.

HDMI Switch

  • Does hdmi switch cause any input lag ?

    It’s working as I expected.I use it with a 50’HDMI cable to an outside TV and I have not noticed any lag issues.
  • Does this decice support hdcp 2.2 ?

    This hdmi switcher 2 input 1 outputs indeed supports hdcp 2.2 if your HDMI Source Dvice is XBox,PS4 Pro.
  • Does this decice support a 25ft hdmi 2.0 cable ?

    Yes, it can work with all devices fitted with HDMI port, such as PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, projectors, TVs and so on.
  • Does this self power on or is there a power button ?

    This HDMI 2.0 switch does not require external power supply.Just connect your HDMI devices and press the button to swap signal within one second.
    The LED light on the HDMI switch shows the working status.

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